Group Leader: Bilbys (0-18 months)

Within my role as an Early Childhood Educator, I wish to be forever passionate, patient, caring, fun, fair, and educated. I aim to provide a loving, caring, safe and home-like environment that is warm and welcoming. A setting that is inclusive of all cultures, nationalities, abilities and family back grounds. A place where children, parents, families and educators feel safe, secure, respected and supported. Where partnerships and friendships can be formed, maintained and the lines of communication are always open and valued.


I endeavour to provide an environment which encourages children to express themselves freely, which allows children to discover themselves and their place in our world, a space which inspires learning through play. I will embrace each child’s interests, culture, learning styles, development and individuality leading our children to become successful, capable and confident learners.

Families are a fundamental part of a child’s education, so I ask families to contribute to their child’s learning in our care. By sharing the experiences you have as a family, with us, you’re allowing us to extend on your child’s interests and offering an opportunity, to allow your child to feel connected to their home and family whilst in care. It is my aim to create an environment where our families and my colleagues feel comfortable making these contributions to the room and the children’s learning.

As educators we are entrusted by the families of the children we are caring for and therefore our responsibility is to ensure that we are doing this in a way that their families would be contented with. We are responsible to keep up to date with the latest in education regulations, practices, first aid courses and criteria. I will engage in professional development seminars to extend my knowledge and maintain a fresh viewpoint. I will follow policies, procedures and regulations to the best of my knowledge and ability at all times. I promise to forever ask questions, as we can never know everything there is to know, especially when each person we encounter each day is different in many ways.

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