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Yo-Yo Biscuits

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Raspberry Yo-Yo Biscuits Recipe - Dragonfly's Childcare

OMG – stop reading now, you have been warned, lol.  These yo-yo’s are so good my entire family raved about them for weeks. I had to make more to stop them from nagging! Ever since we were kids, our mum has made yo-yo’s for our school lunches, but unfortunately, she would use custard powder, which is filled with some harmful additives (colour 102 comes to mind). I have made these yo-yo’s completely additive free, just the way we like it! They are brilliant with homemade Raspberry Jam, but store bought will be fine as well, Plus I used 100’s & 1000’s to decorate. Try to find an additive free brand, ensuring an additive-free biscuit You could easily double this recipe. They freeze really well, just don’t join them with jam or anything, freeze a-la-natural Storage – keep in an airtight container for approx one week, or freeze for up to 6 months. We would absolutely love you to leave us a comment below and let everyone know what you think. It’s comments like this that make our day, and help us improve a recipe if we need to. We look forward to reading what you think!

Ingredients 125 g soft butter 1 tsp. vanilla bean paste 40 g icing sugar 40 g cornflour 125 g plain flour raspberry jam - approx 1/4 cup Icing Ingredients 100 g icing sugar 1 tbsp. milk 10 g butter

Method 1       Pre-heat the oven to 170C and line a flat oven tray with some baking paper 2       Cream the butter and sugar. Scrape down sides and repeat 3       Add vanilla and icing sugar and mix again for 20 secs. 4       fold in cornflour and plain flour and mix until well combined 5       Roll into small balls and flatten with a fork (tip - if you dip the fork into flour it won't stick) 6       Cook in middle rack of oven for approx 12 mins, till golden 7       Allow to cool completely before joining with raspberry jam 8       To make icing - mix all these ingredients in a small bowl with a fork until well combined.

9. Spread over joined biscuits, then dip into 100's & 1000's if desired

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