• Iris Windsor

Wow!!!! A Tinkering Table!!

The Kindy Crocs at Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach have been introduced to the tinkering table. The tinkering table encourages child led exploration and enquiry and is a great "tool" for use in early learning

This area, while highly supervised, has real tools and real equipment. There are children who have such inquisitive minds, they just love to pull things apart and this is the perfect place to encourage them to satisfy their curiosity.

There are rules to be applied when real tools like hammers and screw drivers are used at the tinkering table and the safety issues are explained and discussed in great detail before work commences. Problem solving, investigating, exploring and taking risks whilst making decisions about safety, engineering and design when using tools and equipment in real life experiences all come into play. How lucky are they to have this?

How much fun is this?

Skate board wheels.... their working life looks to be in jeopardy in this photo

This CD player will never be the same again!!! By the looks of these little faces, this is serious stuff!!!

To learn more about Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach, go to:

https://www.dragonflys.com.au/contact us

Or call us on 07 5471 6500 to arrange a tour or to ask questions about our programmes.


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