• Iris Windsor

Why Kids "Dig" Trucks

When your child discovers a new passion, they are driving towards learning.

Kids are fascinated by big trucks. Dump trucks, garbage trucks, monster trucks, fire trucks, pick-up trucks, semi-trucks, tractors, steamrollers and all types of construction equipment are seen every day. They help us move, dump, deliver, break down and build. Is it any wonder that they find them intriguing?

Why? Trucks are big, they are often brightly coloured in bold colours, and they make an awesome lot of noise.

Truck play is filled with big words that they soak in as they learn more about trucks, construction and construction sites.

Toy truck play is a terrific way for kids to roleplay. They think that it makes them look so important from their view. Perhaps someone close to them drives a" big" truck?

The digging, constructing and building that happens during play introduces not only role play but science and physics along with motor development skills.

Learning words around things that they are interested in gives kids language and reading confidence as their vocabulary builds.

Playing with construction toys provides such a huge area of development.....all while they are pursuing their passion.

These little guys are also working on their socialisation skills!!!

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