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Whats Happening in the Gardens?

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Summer is here! The gardens are looking amazing!

Dragonfly's kids tending to the garden

The children are doing a great job in the gardens with the help of their Educators. They just love to be outside and working in the garden

It is such a proud moment for the children to be able to harvest and cook from their carefully tendered gardens. They are so invested in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme and this month they actually packaged salad greens for their parents to take home!

Dragonfly's kids getting help in harvesting their garden

Keeping up with the gardens is a big job. Because the children love it so much, we really want to make this a great experience for them. In order to do this we need some help

The actual membership to the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme has been provided by the IGA Store at Coolum and, as their financial commitment is quite large, perhaps you might consider shopping with them occasionally to support them as they support us. We are grateful to the Coolum IGA and are required to report to them monthly on our progress

This, however, is where it stops. Everything else other than the actual membership to the programme has to be provided by Dragonfly’s Early Learning, an investment that is ongoing. We would love your support. There are times when the Educators struggle to keep up with the garden activities.

Each room has its own garden so your child’s group would love some help.

In each room, you will now see a new cork board, placed there for your child’s Educator to enlist your help. The Educators will place cards on the board telling parents what help is needed if there is something specific.

We understand just how precious “time” is....we never have enough of it!Sometimes actual time may be needed and at other times, you may be able to donate something will help us enhance your child’s experience and that you are not needing from your own garden....even a Bunnings voucher will make a difference. The needs vary, but it will now be posted so that know how you can help to make your child’s experience an exceptional one

Things that you could help with Time Things from your garden that you are not using: Large pots....any pots for that matter Hanging baskets Cuttings from your own garden Purchased plants or plants potted from your own garden Herbs Seedlings Seeds Any scented plants....Lavender, Murrayas, Gardenia, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Roses, Brunsfelsia, Greek Bush Basil......the list is endless

We would love to make a start on a scented garden so the children can have a sensory experience

Bunnings Voucher...these will be available for you to purchase in the office

I look forward to connecting with you in our endeavours to enhance your child’s early learning experience

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