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What do you know about Volcanos?

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

If your child is in the Dragonfly's Early Learning Possums Group, you can ask them! They are bound to be able to tell you lots. Last week they investigated Volcanos. This current interest in volcanoes has led to the Possums exploring chemical reactions and the eruption process along with many other learning opportunities.

In this hands on experience, children learn about how ingredients are combined to create chemical reactions. They were introduced to the chemical features of volcanic rocks along with scientific concepts

Aside from scientific concepts, the children were introduced to scientific processes such as hypothesising and experimentation to discover what happens when pressure builds up inside a volcano.

Open ended questions were used to assess prior knowledge and to commence discussion amongst the group

These little possums loved it when the volcano erupted....look at the delight on these little faces.

This experiment also explored language, learning and interacting with others as well as facilitate in- depth discussions and sustained shared thinking.

They were introduced to scientific terminology, such as: “ingredients”, “experiment”, “mouth of the volcano”, “magma” and “reaction”.

The children experienced turn-taking in adding ingredients and discussing their observations.

This student lead learning introduced lots of opportunity for the children to continue learning and opened discussions for days to come.

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