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Visiting our Friends

At Dragonfly's Early Learning, we are very involved in our Community

One of our most favourite things to do is to walk to the Sundale Retirement Village to visit our friends. The children love to visit. We visit regularly and get to join our friends for morning tea.

Mmmmmmm....the cookies and cake are always great the children tell me!

The Village is very close by so the children are able to walk to the Village. They learn how to follow the footpaths and walk in a row behind their Kindy Friends

Then they get to sit with their friends to play Bingo. They take turns and sometimes they win!!!! They love it!!!

These visits are a really important part of our calendar. Playing Bingo helps the children to build on their Mathematical skills. They build on their communication and socialisation skills through talking with their Village friends and the children get to learn about respect for diversity as they get to mix with people from all walks of life.

Discussions back at the Centre after the visit are always very interesting and on this occasion they centred on manners and etiquette as well the fact that they shouldn't call their friends "Old People" After much discussion, they decided as a group that perhaps they should call them........"Your Majesty". How beautiful is that!!!

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