• Iris Windsor

Tradies Hard at Work

A construction site is a great place for children to learn about role-playing and problem-solving. This activity engages their curiosity and imagination and explores new ways to use physical materials. They become so involved in it that it becomes a whole new world.

They are able to build self-confidence and investigate independent thinking.

Many children and their friends have close family members in the construction industry. Many Mums, Dads, Grandfathers, Uncles, Aunts, and Friends, all part of the construction industry so the children easily and readily relate to it. Children are intrigued by it and relish the freedom that construction play gives them and allows them to make their own decisions and think independently.

This week the children built a construction site with their Educators. Can you imagine the discussions and decision making?

Just look at how busy they are and how engrossed they are in their projects!

The children just loved it! They had so much fun!!!

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