• Iris Windsor

The Wheels on the Bus are Yellow Today!

Wheels on the Bus is our most favourite story! Miss Brooke says that she reads it at least 20 times a day at the moment. We just love it!

Toddlers can sometimes test your patience but they love repetition because it helps them to learn and because it is familiar and as such, it is comforting to them.

Through repeating things, a toddler is able to take in more information each time it is repeated.

You may notice that if you allow your toddler to choose a bedtime story, they will choose the same story night after night

Toddlers also love stories and nursery rhymes that have repeated phrases because they can join in. Repeating these phrases over and over helps them to recall and remember

This week we have also learnt about Yellow. What beautiful yellow wheels these buses have!!!

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