• Iris Windsor

The Value of Science

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Creating amazing science experiences in early childhood education will inspire children to want to learn more and explore on their own. Science helps children develop vital life skills such as problem solving, communication and research.

Science builds out knowledge and understanding of the world.

Children have enormous curiosity and the best way to learn science is through hands on investigative experiences. Providing the opportunity to leave the door open for them to comfortably ask questions, seek answers, collect data and conduct investigations, fuels their curiosity.

This week the children continued to explore plants and how they grow. Today they explored this concept through a scientific experiment to see if they can discover how water and nutrients travels through plants by watching the process using coloured water

By using lettuce leaves from the gardens and placing them in pots of water mixed with food colouring allowed them to observe the process.

Curiosity provided the incentive to wonder what would happen?

They've changed! The leaves have changed colours and the path the water has travelled around the plants is easily observed in wonder.

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