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The Terrible Two's...A well used Adage!

Dragonfly’s Early Learning Junior Kindy

That 2 to 3 year age group is a mine field of emotional growth

The “terrible two’s” Is a well used phrase. I don’t think that there would be a Mum out there who has not, at some stage, struggled through this period ..... some with less difficulty than others

These are the times of temper tantrums interspersed with childhood struggles of dealing with, but not being able to manage or understand their feelings. They know exactly what they want and can appear quite bossy and become cross when not able to do what they want

This is also the beginning of the period of “No”!!

We see and understand the struggle. Losing control of such big feelings can be quite frightening for them

We understand what your 2 year old is going through and who better to guide and support them through this period, with reassurance and love, than a trained expert....your Early Learning Educator

We also understand your feelings of anxiety. We understand how and why you question your decision and we particularly understand the process of making the “right “ decision for you and your little one. It’s a big decision!!

The choice of an Early Learning Centre becomes more about where you feel most comfortable and who best to help you guide your child along the right path to begin to expand their community beyond their immediate familyW

We understand the "Terrible Two's" mine field and would be happy help you to navigate this period with ease

Give us a call at Dragonfly’s Early Learning on 5471 6500 to take a walk through our Centre and meet our Educators and our happy 2 year olds

Learn more about us at https://dragonflys.com.au/contact-us/

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