• Iris Windsor

The Success of Elmer Elephant!

Elmer the Patchwork Elephant is a wonderful children's story in which Elmer is a very different elephant because he is a very colourful patchwork elephant and his colourful appearance makes him different from others. It makes him unique.

Playing with your friend, wearing the "cool" shoes and fitting in and being part of a group, are things that are really important to us all and we discover through this story, that Elmer the elephant just wants to be part of his group too

This story aims to help children to understand that they are all unique and special. They all have things that make them different from others. They discover that they all don't need to be alike to be part of the group to which they can belong.

It is all these differences and our own uniqueness that helps makes a group strong. They

learn to see these differences as strengths and value each and every member of their group

despite their differences

The children's comprehension of the story, allowed them to engage with the small world to re-enact the story sequences and recreate their own storylines to express their ideas and opinions about the meaning of the story.

This was a great lesson for them all to learn. Even though Elmer at first glance appeared to be so different, he was successfully able to be part of his group of friends.

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