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The Story of the Sun in Naidoc Week

Here we see a beautiful depiction of one of our little Dragonflies constructing the Sun.

The sun is of particular importance in aboriginal folklore

According to the Wotjobaluk people of northern Victoria (see Massola, 1968), Knowee, the Sun was a woman and like everyone else on Earth she had to use a torch made of bark to see where she was going.

One day she had gone away to search for food for her young son who was sleeping.

However, in her search for food she lost her way. Not knowing where she had left her son she ascended into the sky with her great torch. Ever since then she has been wandering in the sky looking for her son.

The torch she carries became the Sun.

There are other stories about how the Sun came into being according to the Aboriginal people. Kathleen Langloh Parker in her book Australian Legendary Tales published in 1896 tells us this story:

For a long time there was no Sun, only a Moon and stars.

One day Dinewan the emu and Brolga the native companion were on a large plain near the Murrumbidgee. There they were quarrelling and fighting. Brolga, in her rage, rushed to the nest of Dinewan and seized from it one of the huge eggs, which she threw with all her force up to the sky. There it broke on a heap of firewood, which burst into flame as the yellow yolk spilt all over it, the flame of which, lit up the world below.

Thus, the Sun was born.

From that time onwards, she says the good spirit who lived in the sky made a fire each day.

They then told Goo-goor-gaga (the kookaburra) that, as the morning star faded and the day dawned, he was every morning to laugh his loudest, that his laughter might awaken all sleepers before sunrise.

These are just a couple of the stories brought to light in NAIDOC Week

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