• Iris Windsor

The Mothering Instinct

At Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach, we often see the "mothering instinct" come into play at a very early age. We have some "mother hens" in the Baby Bilby's room, tending to their baby dolls, patting and rocking them to sleep. 

This makes you wonder at just what age, this "mothering instinct" comes into play. Some research results that I found are interesting.

The results of a recent survey of over 4000 girls aged 1-18 years, found that the maternity instinct is inborn but it starts to show only during the second year of life. It is manifested in the form of playing with dolls and reaches its peak at the age of 3-5 years. It found that playing with dolls occurs subconsciously. It is inherent in our being.

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