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The Key to School Readiness

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Dragonfly’s Early Learning Educators suggest that parents work with them to set the foundations for school to ease the transition to Prep.

Many families have mixed emotions when it comes to Prep. Starting school is an exciting milestone, but it can be a stressful time for parents who are tasked with preparing their children for a big change. A lack of school-readiness can have a lasting impact on children, so parents and early childhood educators need to work together to equip them with the skills and ability to succeed.

Qualified teacher Paige Walters is the Lead Kindergarten Educator at Dragonfly’s Early Learning. After ten years of teaching from Prep to Year Ten, Paige has found that children struggle the most with getting used to school hours.

“The hardest part of the transition to Prep is the time away from home. Five full days a week can be very hard on a child who is not used to being in care for that amount of time,” said Paige. Being school ready helps children to have a good sense of their own well-being.

Pre-Kindy and Kindergarten Programs are a great way to gradually introduce children to the school format in a stress-free manner. School-readiness shouldn’t be rushed, and by beginning in Pre-Kindy children can adjust to the time away from home and start to discover their abilities at their own pace.

In Pre-Kindy, children learn early literacy and numeracy concepts, and begin developing pre-writing skills and numeral awareness. However, the most important skills that they learn during this year are to do with emotional well-being, self-help and social ability.

“Learning to manage their emotions and make social connections are skills that children will need for Kindy and ultimately school,” said Darlene.

A good Kindergarten program will build on the skills learned during Pre-Kindy, preparing children to enter school confidently.

Children who come into Kindergarten from the Pre-Kindy Program have had an opportunity to develop socially and emotionally, which is a great foundation for Kindergarten and allows the focus to be upon building school-readiness..

Dragonfly’s Kindergarten Program is a Government Approved Kindergarten Program which follows the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines to prepare children for Prep.

Our advice to parents is to enroll their child first in a Pre-Kindy programme and then go on to a Kindergarten Program and encourage them to be excited to attend. Early learning is a fun experience for children, and by getting them into the routine early you can ensure that they handle the transition to school hours easily.

At Dragonfly’s Early Learning, we understand that school readiness can’t be achieved overnight. We believe in taking it slow and allowing children to learn at their own pace. Contact us today on 5471 6500 or go to our website at https://www.dragonflys.com.au/contact-us to learn more about our Pre-Kindy and Government Approved Programs.


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