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The Journey Towards a Chemical Free Life: Take the First Steps:

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

At Dragonfly's Early Learning we have made the decision to be as chemical free as possible. We have removed as many of the highly toxic products that were in use as we possibly can and replaced them with chemical free products.

We are still on the search for some products here at Dragonfly's but we are now well underway to a chemical free Centre, just one step at a time.

We believe that living a chemical free life is important

Deciding to go chemical free is easy. Knowing how to go chemical free can be much more difficult. At first, the task seems insurmountable. Where to start?

You too can do this at home. Be prepared to remember that not everything can be replaced immediately. Just do it over time as you find the chemical free products.

We would be very happy to share your findings with our families as you come across them

I would suggest that you start with just 3 products

1. Toothpaste

2. Shampoo

3. Conditioner

To start, pick up your shampoo bottle and read the list of ingredients. Take a look at your toothpaste and read those ingredients. It's like reading a different language. How are we meant to know what potential dangers there are in any of the products when we don’t understand what any of the ingredients themselves are?

What we do know is that these chemicals are not natural and these ingredients are going into and onto our bodies. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and what we put on it is quickly absorbed.

People often start their journey into a chemical free way of life through necessity.....they develop a symptom or pain....somewhere....and there are 2 choices. Drugs and their side effects for the rest of your life or....if found early enough....find another way!

We all tend to ignore these things....people have lived a very long time using all sorts of products but it is not until they are 40, 50, 60....when the effects of a lifetime of swallowing chemicals becomes apparent.

Start the journey by removing the chemicals from your children's lives.

Be diligent about reading the labels on the bottles of the things that they use most of.

People go to great lengths for their children, spending enormous amounts of money providing them with a good education, attending to their wish lists, providing them with as much as possible to make their lives comfortable and happy.

Many parents limit sugar, limit fat, make sure that their children have a good diet.

Little consideration is given to the toxins that are taken into their little bodies every day through the cells of their skin and mouth?

We just don't think about it until a symptom arises many years down the track

Now, while your children are young, happy and healthy, you have the opportunity to change their lives by taking a couple of simple steps now.

Do your children swallow more toothpaste than what they spit out? Most do.

Take a look at the label on the toothpaste. Do you know what they are swallowing? Potentially harmful chemicals in toothpaste can affect both your teeth and gums as well as your general health

The ingredients in toothpaste could be delivering a daily dose of harmful chemicals

I read a very good article on toothpaste ingredients at https://experiencelife.com/article/safe-toothpaste/ that is well worth reading

How to Avoid Toxins in Your Toothpaste: 12 Ingredients to Ditch Now

Another really informative article on shampoo can be found at


The Complete List-15 Harmful Shampoo Ingredients to Avoid

Remember, each time you swap just one chemical loaded product for a more natural product you are reducing the toxic load on their bodies.

The hunt for chemical free products is not an easy one. I have spent hours and hours combing the shelves of the supermarket and chemist and health food stores

Modere (Referral Code134969) is a company that does chemical free very well. Their products are very concentrated and so therefore are very economical.


If you look at what you are using , just one product at a time, the step to a chemical free life will be much easier.

Find the recipe below for handmade wipes.

These smell so amazing and we use these on a daily basis at Dragonfly's Early Learning. Many parents have asked for the recipe so here it is.

Handmade Wipes


1 tablesp coconut oil

1 tablesp chemical free bubble bath

1 tablesp chemical free steraliser

1/2 teasp lavender oil

couple of drops tea tree oil

2 cups boiled hot water


1. Purchase only really good quality wipes. (eg Vida)

2. Place the roll of wipes into a cylindrical container....preferably one that fits the roll

(I have found one at the Discount store in the Big Top but I am sure others would have them) 3. Combine all ingredients

4. Pour the warm mixture down the centre of the wipe roll

5. Wait 5 mins for the liquid to soak the roll

6. Remove the centre cardboard

7. Use wipes from the centre

8. They smell and feel divine!

To learn more about our journey to Chemical Free click on:




I have looked for chemical free steraliser and am unable to find one

I have however found a really good range of chemical free products at Mrs Flannery's...no steraliser but an otherwise good range and it is worth a lookTo learn more about chemical free products delivered to your door, click on:


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