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The Journey Towards a Chemical Free Life Remove the Preservatives

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

In this day and age, when we live such busy lives, we all look for a quick fix and this includes the area of food preparation. You get home from a busy day and the children are hungry!!!

It"s easy to go to the supermarket and pick up a jar of pasta sauce off the supermarket shelf shelf or may be a packet of sauce to pour over meat or vegetables ...or..... maybe a jar of sauce to make a curry?

We need to stop and ask ourselves a couple of questions

What is it that enables this product made from ingredients that we know decomposes over time, to become shelf stable? How does this happen?

Anything that becomes shelf stable must be preserved in some way or have something added to it to stop the ingredients from deteriorating.

Some products have at least 12 months shelf life. We all know without any doubt that ingredients like tomatoes, for example, wont last in the fridge for 12 months ... so what are the chances of tomatoes lasting for 12 months on the shelf?

There are 2 things that can happen:

The first one is that the food has been preserved in some way using sterilisation and heat.

This is a safe process and has been used over the generations very successfully. Our forefathers have made jams and pickles using preserving methods as a process since the beginning of time. when there were lots of vegetables, they were preserved for times when there were none

As time went on, other means of preserving food were developed. They began adding chemical preservatives to the product to make them shelf stable. This is very successful, but is the second and least preferred option.

This is not conducive to a chemical free life.

The answer??? Read the labels on every thing that you purchase. As a rule of thumb in your journey to a chemical free life, if it has numbers....you don't need it!!

When your food packaging has numbered ingredients, you need to familiarise yourself with what the numbers mean. Always know what you are eating.

Its not today, or next week or even next month or next year that we see the results of years of filling our bodies with numbered ingredients. it takes years for symptoms to develop but once we start seeing symptoms of "no known cause" starting to appear, it is sometimes too late to change our lives. The damage is done

Now is the time to take action. Start to eat clean today. Buy fresh ingredients and eat simply

At Dragonfly's Early Learning, the food that we provide for the children each day is either organic or made from locally sourced ingredients. We try to make sure that our food is toxin free and contains no numbered ingredients. We have sourced chef provided meals that are made from scratch and we make every effort to be toxin free.

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