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Animals fill their World

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

At a very young age, children’s worlds are filled with animals, both living and represented in pictures, stories, characters and stuffed toys. This makes animals a popular play theme for toddlers.

Children’s worlds are filled with animals, and they love to cuddle them, talk to them and for them, make noises like them, and include them in their play. These little Dragonflies have brought their favourite animals along to Kindy to help them work it all out

Pretending to be an animal by moving or walking like one helps develop body awareness, gross motor skills and can help with self-regulation (the ability to manage feelings, behaviour and energy levels).

Introducing children to the world of animals through play, plays a huge part in their early development. They are able to use their own toy animals to talk about about size, colour and body parts, Where they are found, what they eat and the noises they make all day helps to build the language and concepts that toddlers need for their own continued growth.

By sorting toy animals into small groups, pointing to each animal in the group as they count them helps your toddler learn one to one counting. This is important to start to learn the purpose of numbers.

Pretending to be animals which they love, can help with motor development, balance and awareness of their body in space. They can stomp like an elephant, jump like a frog, and slither like a snake, along with many others that I am sure they can think of.

Using toy animals to make farms or zoos and acting out simple play actions helps toddlers practice their fine motor skills as well as developing their imagination and creativity.

This is all part of learning through play at Dragonfly's Early Learning

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