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The Importance of Early Learning. Join us for 2021

Updated: Feb 23

I am sure that this is a question that we have all asked ourselves. We don't really have the answer but a great deal of research has gone into the answer. Here are a few thoughts on this and included are a few things that we know about children and learning

What an amazing thing a child's brain is!!!

Just look at how quickly they have embraced the ‘i’ age and even at the age of two, are playing games on, and operating Ipads and iPhones; sometimes even better than their parents.

A child’s brain develops most rapidly between birth and five years of age – in scientific terms, more than 700 new brain connections are made every second. The connections are what builds the structure of the brain and lays the foundation for all later learning, behaviour and wellbeing for a child.

The most important influence on a child’s brain development is where and how they spend their early years. Positive stimulating and nurturing environments help them to thrive and grow and learn; alternately negative environments can have a significant adverse impact on their cognitive, emotional and behavioural development.

Choosing a quality child care centre is very important.

What happens in their early years will impact upon them for the rest of their lives, so it’s critical to ensure they are being exposed to the best possible early learning and care environment.

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