• Iris Windsor

The Fun of Painting using an Easel

Easel painting provides a great opportunity for children to express their feelings and creativity through art. Not only this, but it also creates a space where a child can be creatively independent.

Why an easel you might ask?

An easel is the perfect height or can be made the perfect height, for most children in early learning. They don't have to reach for their paint pots....they are set up on the easel with everything at their fingertips. An easel is at the perfect height making it very easy for them to navigate and dip their brushes in all that beautiful colour that they love so much.

So many skills can be discovered and developed while painting.

Hand-eye coordination is practiced and developed along with small motor control. They learn to share and co-operate with their peers and they discover that sharing can be quite a lot of "fun"

There are no rules when it comes to painting....the perfect basis on which to encourage creativity.

Here we see easel painting in the outdoors. It can bring so much joy to these tiny faces!!

Look at that beautiful smile!!

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