• Iris Windsor

The Enormous Crocodile

The Enormous Crocodile was first published in 1978 and was the first of many stories by Roald Dahl and this story is as popular today as it was when first published.

The children from the Dragonfly's Early Learning Kindy Group have had their imaginations stirred and have been enthralled by the dastardly exploits of a nasty crocodile who leaves his muddy African River in search of "a nice juicy little child for lunch.

Throughout his journey through the jungle, he threatened other animals with his snappy jaw and when he reaches the town, he employs disguises to trap his prey.

His plans are constantly thwarted by the animals that he threatened with his snappy jaw in his trip through the jungle.

After their story, the children were keen to continue their crocodile adventures by making shadow puppets of the Enormous Crocodile. Their very fertile little imaginations go into overdrive at times like this.

They loved it!!!

These happy little dragonflies had such fun with these shadow puppets.

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