• Iris Windsor

The Delight of a Balloon!!

What is not to love about a balloon?

They are so soft and squishy, just a delight to squeeze

You can hold them, balance them, tap them into the air, catch them, kick them like a ball, balance them, the list goes on and on. Children are drawn to the bright colours that balloons come in. Balloons can provide hours of fun and learning for little people.

Take a look at the delight on this little face!!

Balloon Play can build resilience. Even when things go wrong...as they often do when playing with a balloon. When a balloon "pops", making a great noise....sometimes giving a fright.... gives them the ability to recover from setbacks and to continue playing when things take an unexpected turn. This provides important coping skills. it teaches them to be more gentle so that their balloon doesn't "pop" again

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