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The Chickens are Here!!!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Each year we look forward to the arrival of the chickens and eggs from the Henny Penny Hatchling Programme.

The arrival of the chickens provides endless opportunities for observation and interaction for children of all ages. This arrival not only engages the children but the parents become really engaged also.

It is a wonderful experience for parents to share with their children as they gather around each day on arrival to see how many eggs have hatched overnight and what colours the newly arrived chicks are.

The mere fact that the children can actually nurse the chickens gives the children great pleasure as you can see from the faces of these little Dragonflies.

With Easter just around the corner, this is a popular time to have the chickens at the Centre

When the little peck hole first appears in the egg, sometimes followed by a tiny beak, draws great interest as the children watch in fascination and awe as the tiny chick gradually emerges and kicks itself free from the shell

Over the next few hours he children watch eagerly as the chicken dries off and is transformed into a cute ball of coloured fluff

The children (and adults!!!) love to watch the antics of the chicks once they are all together in the brooding pen. They are so cute....irresistible!!!

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