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The Benefits of Kindergarten and other Ways to Help your Child Transition to School

Dragonfly’s Early Learning, just 10 minutes away from Mt Coolum shares how kindergarten can help your child transition into school.

We are strong advocates of the benefits and skills kindergarten can bring to your child before they transition into early schooling. Dragonfly’s Early Learning Kindergarten program located near Mt Coolum can make your child’s first year of school seem a lot less daunting. With the year already halfway over, find out why Kindergarten is something your child should be involved in next year.

Confidence Building and School Readiness Many children experience apprehension about the transition into their early schooling years. They may fear being away from home, from their parents, and have worries about making friends or understanding their teacher’s instructions.

At Dragonfly’s Early Learning Kindergarten located near Mt Coolum, we follow the Queensland government learning guidelines to prepare your child for their following school years. We adhere to these guidelines by providing a routine experience that your child can become accustomed to. This will ease their expectations about the regular attendance that school requires. Not only this, attending our kindergarten means your child will interact with others their age, and will already have a basic concept of friendship formed before school begins.

Numeracy and Literacy Skills It is a common concern of parents even with young children that their child will struggle to keep up with expected levels of education at school. Enrolling your child in Kindergarten gives them the chance to develop a basic level of literacy and numeracy skills before they even begin first grade. At our Queensland government approved Kindergarten program, we teach these skills through play-based learning, which is both stimulating and educational for your child.

We highly value the importance of allowing children to enjoy their younger years through play but through this, hope to set them up with the skills they need for the fast-paced experiences of prep and year one.

Social Skills & Conflict Management Something that every person and child will encounter in life is conflict, and it is essential that management and resolution of it is taught at an early age. In particular, many children’s first experience with conflict is with their peers at school, which can be a trying time for children if they are poorly equipped to manage it.

Kindergarten encourages your child to interact and communicate with others which may at times, lead to conflict but in a smaller environment than school. Under the care and guidance of our fully qualified staff at Dragonfly’s Early Learning, your child will develop their social and emotional skills, and in turn learn about respecting others and expressing themselves in appropriate ways during conflict.

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