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Taylah's Basil Pesto with Wholemeal Spaghetti

This beautiful pesto recipe was given to me by a Dietetics Student from Queensland University of Technology (www.talkingwithtaylah.com)

I have tried literally dozens of basil pesto recipes, all of which have been pretty "ho hum"

This one however is the"bomb"

The beautiful uncooked greens in this recipe make it rich in antioxidents and nutrients.

When I made this one, I packaged what was left and put it into the freezer. Took it out a week or so later and it was still as beautiful as the day I made it. Yummmmm!!!

This pesto is also great to spread on a sandwich, serve on crackers....so many uses.

Basil Pesto Ingredients 1/2 cup pine nuts 1/2 cup Walnuts 1/4 cup EVOO 2 cloves garlic finely chopped 1 tablesp lemon juice 1/3 cup nutritional yeast 1 packed cup fresh basil leaves 1/4cup packed fresh parsley leaves 1/4 cup water 1/2 teasp sea salt 1/4 teasp ground black pepper

200gms soft goats curd or 2/3 cup shaved parmesan

400gms wholemeal spaghetti


  1. Put hot water on to boil. Add 1 teasp salt

  2. When boiling add wholemeal spaghetti

  3. Boil according to the instructions on the packet or till el dente

  4. Drain and set aside

  5. Blend all ingredients except for cheese/curd and pasta

  6. Try to retain just a little chunkiness

  7. Toss through pasta

  8. Garnish with goats curd or shaved parmesan

  9. Place a few saved basil leaves on top

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