• Iris Windsor

Taking care of Your Child's Gut

At Dragonfly's Early Learning, we provide healthy fresh organic food choices for the children every day. We are very keen to have healthy little Dragonflies so we promote good food choices.

Below are a few points to be considered when shopping and making meals for children

Bacteria and other microbes are often thought of as sources of disease, but in fact, many play a part in keeping us healthy.

Our bodies contain millions of microbes, many of which are beneficial. The most dense microbe population is in the gut where they play a critical role in digestion and immune function to mention just a couple

What we eat can quickly change our microbes, so learning to eat the right foods to help the good gut bacteria is very important

Every person is different, but in order to look after general health, here are some broad principles that apply to all

1. Eat a wide range of plant based food

2. Make sure that you include plenty of fibre in the diet each day

3. Avoid highly processed foods. Remember that if you use 'shelf stable' foods, it must contain something to make it "shelf stable". Read the labels always and ask yourself if you know what those numbers mean?

4. Include probiotic foods such as live yoghurt, fermented foods or include cheeses in the diet every day

5. Research probiotic foods to find out what else can be eaten to help the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

6. Antibiotics are taken to actually kill bad bacteria to treat illness. However what is not commonly thought of, or discussed, is that antibiotics have no way of distinguishing the difference between "good" or "bad" bacteria....they kill it all!!! Be sure to eats lots of foods that boost gut microbes after taking antibiotics or maybe introduce a good probiotic (this introduces the microbes) combined with a good prebiotic ( this feeds or fertilisers the microbes that are introduced ) after antibiotics

7. Drink Lots of water and make any changes gradually.

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