• Iris Windsor

Super Simple Mud Cake



250g dark choc

250g butter

1 cup hot water (or orange juice for jaffa taste)

1 cup brown sugar

3 eggs lightly whisked

1tsp vanilla

1 cup SR Flour


  1. Preheat oven to 180C

  2. Prepare springform pan with greased baking paper

  3. Melt Choc buttons with butter in microwave.

  4. Stir until mixed together and smooth

  5. Add brown sugar and mix until smooth

  6. Add eggs, vanilla and flour and mix till smooth

  7. Add hot water at the end and mix till all combined.

  8. Cook at 180C oven for about 1 hour or until cooked.



200gms chocolate broken into squares

100mls pure cream


  1. Put chocolate and cream in a plastic bowl and heat in 10-second increments in microwave

  2. Remove and stir between 10 sec increments

  3. Repeat until all melted and smooth

  4. Put plastic over a bowl and leave until cool but still runny

  5. Beat well every few minutes

  6. Save 2 tablespoons and place on the corner of a plastic bag for drizzling

  7. Pour ganache over the top and allow to drizzle down the sides

  8. Lay roasted macadamias (or your favourite nuts) over the top of the ganache

  9. Cut the corner off the plastic bag

  10. Drizzle ganache over the nuts.

  11. Set in the refrigerator

  12. Allow to set completely before serving

Note: The colder the ganache gets, the more structure it has. If you wish it to be spreadable, cool for longer

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