• Iris Windsor

Summer is Here!

Along with the Summer months and long lazy days at the beach, the mosquitoes, sandflies and things that bite and sting come to haunt us

At Dragonfly's Early Learning we have swapped out the chemical laden products and replaced them with products that are free of toxins

Remember that each time you swap a chemical loaded product for a more natural product you are reducing the toxic load on your body.

Our little Dragonflies love the smell and soft calming feel of our Insect Repellent

Below is a recipe for a Natural Insect Repellent. This can also be used for to ease the discomfort of bites and stings

Insect Repellent.

For bites and stings also

5mls tea tree oil....for its antiseptic qualities

2.5mls lavender oil....for a calming effect

2.5mls peppermint oil....to help bring down any swelling

40mls coconut oil or any natural carrier oil.....as a base for the natural ingredients

Combine all of these ingredients

Apply when going outdoors or when bitten

To learn more about our beautiful chemical free Centre, our programmes and all that Dragonfly's Early Learning has to offer, go to:


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