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Still Working Out What to do With Your Threenager?

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Do You have a three year old?

The "Threenager" period can be even more vexing than the tumultuous "Terrible Twos"

This is a time of boundary setting..... a time of asserting control whilst still allowing your child to make choices within these boundaries.

This can also be a beautiful time because they begin to become less dependent on you because they have developed a certain sense of their own "identity" This is the time of "Why"?

They become more aware of, and sensitive to, the feelings of others.

They begin to learn to "share" with others and to "take turns"

This is such an important developmental stage, far too important to miss out on.

This development happens seamlessly if they are placed in the right learning environment. An environment where they can be guided along the way with love and understanding. This is where we come in.

Decisions to keep a child at home are not always the ones that are ultimately right for a child's development.

We understand that placing your child in child care may cause you to grapple with your feelings but ultimately the decision to do so gives your child the opportunity to experience great developmental outcomes that allow them to live their best life

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