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Centre Profile: Pre-Kindy Educator Darlene Little

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

We sat down with Darlene Little, our Pre-Kindy Room Educator, to talk about Pre-Kindy and building confidence and social skills!

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How long have you been in childcare/what is your experience in childcare?

I have been in childcare for almost ten years, starting in 2009. I am currently studying a Diploma of Child Services.

What do you love the most about the industry?

There are so many things. I love interacting with children. The way children think and the ideas that they come up with are just so interesting – and funny too! The connection I build with my kids is truly special.

What skills do children need to learn in Pre-Kindy to prepare them for Kindergarten and eventually for school?

Children should leave Pre-Kindy with pre-writing skills and numeral awareness. However, the most important skills that they learn during this year are social and emotional. Learning to manage their emotions and make social connections are skills they need for Kindy and ultimately school.

How do you teach these skills?

We have lots of group discussions about recognising emotions. – when a child is upset we sit with them one on one to find out how they are feeling and why they are feeling this way. We use a variety of mediums to teach these skills including YouTube clips and story books. We also like to play games and make it fun. Simon Says using emotions is a great way to teach social skills and facial recognition!

What advice would you give to parents on how to help their children get the most out of Pre-Kindy?

Get involved in centre life! We love it when parents get involved and the kids really benefit. I think it is important to keep an open line of communication with parents and build relationships with our families.

What do you like to do on your days off?

I love spending time with my family! I have three teenagers, and we are a surfing family, so you can find me behind the video camera.

What are three fun facts about you?

I am very playful – I love playing in the sand pit and getting on the same level as the kids. I am a real animal lover. We have chooks, a guinea pig, a dog and fish at home and I am in the process of building a lizard enclosure. I also love camping, I really enjoy getting outside and into nature!


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