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Staff Profile: Kindergarten Educator Paige Walters

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

We sat down with Paige Walters, our Kindergarten Room Educator, to talk about Kindergarten, school readiness and her new Groodle puppy!

Children in Childcare with Teacher

What is your experience in the child care industry?

I have a Bachelor of Learning Management with a Major in Early Childhood Education. I have taught in schools for 10 years from Prep to all the way through to year ten. I have also directed and facilitated a vacation care program.

What is your role at the centre?

I am the lead educator in the Kindergarten room. My role is to guide children through the Kindergarten Program and prepare them to enter Prep.

What do you love the most about the industry?

I love working in early learning! Each day is different and exciting. My favourite thing about my job is just watching children progress and learn – seeing them hold a pencil or write their name for the first time is really special.

How does a Government Approved Kindergarten Program differ from regular child care?

We follow the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines. It is a fantastic program that is based on preparing children for the transition to Prep. The curriculum is based on five key criteria: Connectiveness, Well-being, Communication, Active learning and Identity. We work on these skills throughout the year to help children become confident learners.

What advice would you give to parents who are concerned about the transition between Kindy and Prep?

I would tell them to enrol their children in a Government Approved Kindergarten Program where the curriculum is designed to prepare children for Prep.

I also think it is important that children get into the routine of attending a program for at least three to five days a week. The hardest part of the transition to Prep is the time away from home. Five full days a week can be very hard for a child who is not used to being away from home, so we urge parents to start increasing their days at the centre in the lead up to Prep.

How can parents help to support the education children receive in Kindergarten?

The best thing parents can do is encourage their children to be excited about Kindergarten. Kindergarten isn’t just a wonderful learning experience, it about having fun as well! Children learn best when they are enjoying themselves, so we want it to be fun and stress free for them.

How can parents help to prepare their children moving from Pre-kindy to Kindergarten?

As they go from three to four years old they need to be encouraged to take a little more personal responsibility. Little things, like carrying their own bag into the centre and looking after their own shoes and hat will help to prepare them for Kindergarten.

What do you like to do on your days off?

I like to hang out with my three kids, work out, take my dog to the beach and cook lots of delicious vegan food!

What are three fun facts about you?

I can wiggle my ears! I also recently got a groodle puppy and he is just gorgeous. My whole family have the same astrological sign, my husband and three children and I are all Leos!


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