• Iris Windsor

Socialisation: An Early Introduction

Whether you have outgoing or shy little ones, socialisation is an important part of your child's overall development. Social development is tied to so many other things. Walking in particular, triggers a cascade of milestones. This occurs around the age of one year and so this is when you will start to see some big social milestones occur.

These milestones are important because they prepare a child to manage personal feelings while they begin to understand that their peers have feelings and needs, and interact in a respectful and acceptable way. At this stage they begin basic communication, recognise familiar people, their parents. They recognise their friends and their Educators and they begin to interact with you, take turns and have the first connection with sharing though their first thought is still "MINE"!!!

At Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach, the Educators in the Toddler Group are encouraging relationship building by providing activities where they are required to work together as a team to accomplish a task, building language and vocabulary skills as they play

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