• Iris Windsor

SO EXCITING!!! Getting ready for Kindy to start in 2020

Mac is so excited!!

He can't wait to go back to Kindy again in 2020

Mac attended Kindy several times during 2019. He just loves the children.

When we go out walking, when he sees a little one, he gets down on all fours and waits....."do I know this one?"..... "does this one know me?"

He has been out of commission for a few months while he recuperated from his hip replacement. He is, however, now fit and well, ready to see his old Kindy friends and meet his new Kindy friends

"Bring on 2020" Mac says!!

Can I take this for Show and Teach?

I am looking forward to meeting my new friends

I'm packing my Kindy bag. Do I need this paper at Kindy???

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