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Simple STEM Activities for Families

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

When the days begin to grow longer and longer for those of us who have been self isolating for a period of time, we start to look for activities that we can do to break the monotony and to give us something to do that is a bit of fun. Below are some activities that we can all take part in as a family. You can make them a competition or simply as much fun as you like. Children love the opportunity to do things with you and right now is the time to devote time to just that.

Working from home? Below is a list of activities. Some can be done alone and others can be done in teams that might create some fun and competition in your household.

1. Create a treasure hunt with a map and clues.

2. Create some Easter Gifts

3. Collect different leaves form your garden. Research and learn to identify them

4. Make the alphabet from sticks or other natural items

5. Make something from old puzzle pieces

6. Make a Lego maze.

7. Test objects in your house to see if they will float or sink

8. Write instructions to make a sandwich and let someone follow them exactly

9. Play Battleship

10. Build a paper aeroplane launcher

11. Build a fort using couch cushions and blankets

12. Plant some seeds and monitor their sprouting and growth

13. Plant some flowers

14. make something useful from duct tape

15. invent something to solve a problem in your home.

16. Make "rubber stamps" out of cardboard and pasta

17. Write your own book including drawings and cover

18. Track and graph your high score in a game

19. Make ice cubes from various edible liquids and see how long each takes to freeze

eg: plain yoghurt, fruit yoghurt, milk, water, jelly, cordial

20. Make dinner/lunch for your family

21. Make paper aeroplanes

22. determine how much waste there is from cooking a meal

23. Invent your own musical instrument then have a concert

24. Choose a word. See how many other words you can make using those letters

25. Measure and graph temperature over a chosen period

26. Create an Easter Treasure Hunt with a map and clues

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