• Iris Windsor

Show and Teach: Tasting Paw Paw

Show and Teach is the practice of showing something to an audience and demonstrating what they know about it.

Show and Teach is a positive interaction that begins at a very early age at Dragonfly's Early Learning and is responsible for building confidence and self esteem and is an introduction to giving children the confidence to speak publicly.

Show and Teach gives children a chance to be the centre of attention and show off their chosen object, describing it, and explaining why they want to share it. It gives them the opportunity to have the spotlight on them for a few minutes and makes them feel good about themselves.

Because this is a group activity, it helps to improve their social skills and grow their emotional and language skills

Here we see Tate sharing his favourite fruit, pawpaw, with his group. He also explains that if you dry these seeds, they will sprout and you can then plant them to grow more paw paw trees

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