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Hours and Hours of Fun

Shelter is an important issue for us all

At Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach, the recent big storms have been the subject of discussion in relation to the local area and just how their homes had been affected.

We set them a STEM investigation as a challenge and we were lucky enough to have many members of our Dragonfly's community set us in good stride with lots of materials to use. 

As a group, the children spent time discussing;

What is shelter?

Have you seen shelter in real life?

What is the purpose of a shelter?

What materials are shelters made out of?

What types of shelters have you seen from other cultures?

Their objective was to build a waterproof shelter that could house at least one person.

Many skill sets were focused on;

-following a plan, design, implement 
-meet a common goal

-teamwork and cooperation
 -taking turns in speaking and listening 
-critical thinking strategies

When they finished, they all climbed into their shelters and the shower hose was used to wet their shelter. They had so much fun and their designs were so well built that no-one got wet. Their shelters were very successful. They did a great job....until Miss Paige turned the hoses on them!!!!

Such serious business, so much to do making hours and hours of fun

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