• Iris Windsor

Setting up a Dinosaur Environment

At Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach, the children have created a dinosaur play space.

Creating a playspace and setting up a dinosaur environment is something all of the children can take part in. The children can make suggestions about what they think should be in a dinosaur environment, decisions that they make from what they know from what they have already read, seen and learned.

Intensely interested children can rattle off the scientific names of dinosaurs. They can tell you what they ate, what they looked like and where they lived. The level of interest and dinosaur expertise a child can have is seriously astounding.

Having this interest helps the children become more observant, increases their attention span and promotes information processing skills. The intense interest of their peers helps to establish interest in other children as they chat away in their dinosaur world. This sets other children off on "fact collecting" behaviour.

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