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Sensory Rice: Such Fun!!

The amount of play that you can buy with a rice bin is amazing! Great for a rainy day or some quiet time with their friends.

At Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach, we know that there is something magical about a rice bin. Toddlers find it intoxicating. They are just drawn to it and it keeps them occupied for ages.

They can use all sorts of containers in the rice bin, measuring cups, toys and funnels to list just a few, to move the rice about or pile the rice up.

A little bit of added colour makes it much more interesting

Children who crave to touch mummy's soft face, Daddy's scratchy beard, or soft as "blankey", love the texture of rice grains as it gives their skin receptors lots of tactile input satisfying that "touch" craving

Some children have a low registration of touch that rice seems to"wake up".

Rice can also be scented and the smell of the scented rice can be a powerful sensory tool for helping children tap into their arousal state. Some scents are alerting while others are calming. There are many uses all of which they see as FUN

How delicious does it feel to squeeze those tiny grains of rice between those little fingers!!

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