• Iris Windsor

Sensory Benefits of Playdough

Updated: May 25, 2020

Playdough really is fun for children. Just the basic act of playing with playdough builds those little hands and muscles. Squishing, smashing, pushing, pulling, cutting, twisting, ...it is all fun for them and imperative for hand strengthening

Playdough is usually a staple in the early childhood learning classroom. It has a wide array of developmental, learning, and sensory benefits

Playdough is a stress reliever. Squeeze and roll around a ball of playdough to relieve stress. It works for your children also.

Everything about playdough explores the tactile sensory system. From textures to inconsistencies, to toys and items used in play, it is all about hands-on exploration.

In order to explore the olfactory senses, scented leaves like lavender leaves, basil, thyme, or other herb leaves, oils, and flowers, can add another dimension to this sensory activity.

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