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Self Portraits

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Self-portraits are a fantastic way for children to explore their sense of self and build their self-identity. I love doing self portraits at the beginning of the year with my class when we are getting to know each other. We learn about ourselves, each other and they foster a sense of belonging within the classroom. When I posted this activity on my Instagram page, I had lots of people asking different questions. This blog entry will show you step by step what to do to create your own beautiful self portraits with your littles ones and hopefully answer any questions you have. What did we learn? 1. Building our self identity 2. Developing a sense of awareness of ourselves and others 3. A sense of belonging in the classroom 4. Cause and effect 5. Fine motor skills 6. Drawing skills 7. Pencil grip

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Self Portrait 1 - Dragonfly's Early Learning Coolum Beach

Self Portrait 2 - Dragonfly Child Care Coolum Beach

Self Portrait - Dragonfly Kindergarten Coolum Beach


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