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Adventures into the World of Science

Science Experiment: Are magnets magnetic even under water?

Introducing children at Dragonfly's Early Learning to science is one of the primary goals of our early learning science curriculum. Development of scientific thinking in young children happens organically if the children are exposed to the right experiences, are provided with a variety of materials and settings that invite experimentation. Young children are incredibly curious and passionate about learning. They ask questions, conduct investigations, collect data, have discussions with their peers and search for answers. In their pursuit of knowledge, they are prone to poke, pull, pound, shake and experiment. From birth, they naturally seek out problems to solve.

Young children learn science through active involvement, through first hand investigative experiences and child centred enquiry focussed on asking questions relevant to the child

These children in the Kindy Group at Dragonfly's Early Learning, hypothesised and then tested their ideas. This process or the process skills includes such activities as: - higher order thinking - problem solving - expanding curiosity for learning - communication and observation - experimenting and exploring ideas - gaining confidence is dispositions for learning

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