• Iris Windsor

From the Classroom to the Gardens

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme has been very successful at Dragonfly's Early Learning. The programme has so much to offer the children and is seamlessly introduced into the curriculum in so many ways.

This programme not only gets the children out into the sunlight with outdoor activities but, at a very early age, also introduces them to fruits and vegetables that they may not yet have come across. They learn where their vegetables come from but can actually watch them grow and mature.

Once their produce reaches maturity, they get to harvest it and then cook something that gets them to actually taste what they have grown

Once their food is harvested, the cooking then adds other learning aspects like science, measurement, counting and letters along with enhancing their communication skills.

Aren't these great labels? In order to tie the SAKGP into their everyday learning, our busy little Pre-Kindy Group have all made labels to post into their very own gardens this week. The ways in which this programme introduces life and learning through play to these little Dragonflies is endless

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