• Iris Windsor

Role Modelling Care and Empathy

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of someone else and understand what they are feeling or experiencing.

In the early years, children are naturally egocentric and are very much inclined to think about themselves and their needs without giving thought to the needs and feelings of others.

However, it is developmentally important for their emotional growth to encourage children to develop a sense of empathy. This is something that will benefit them, not only during childhood but well into adult life as well.

Building an understanding of what others are feeling, how their own actions can impact others, and why someone might be experiencing feelings at a particular time is a valuable life skill for not only children but for us all to possess.

Parents are children's first and most enduring teachers and modelling empathetic behaviour is one of the best ways parents and educators can teach children this very valuable skillset.

Children in the Early Learning Environment roleplay care and empathy automatically when given the opportunity.

Just look at these little ones taking care of their babies!

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Inspiration for this article was taken from an article on Goodstart Early Learning.


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