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Solving a Scientific Question.

Making rocket fuel

Today we engaged in a fun science experiment. The question asked was ..."How do rockets get into space?”

As a group, the children contributed to the discussion and gave their ideas to the following

- how do rockets get to space?

- what helps the rocket shoot up into space?

- what will happen when we mix water and bi card soda

- what will happen if we mix vinegar and bicarbonate of soda?

We hypothesised and then tested the children's’ theories with the aim of creating our own rocket fuel. The children were able to make links to real-life contexts, talking about cars and the “servo” and how our bodies need fuel to get energy and blast off to play.

Once we had tested different mixtures, the children chose the red vinegar and bi carb rocket fuel recipe.

We ventured outside and made a rocket with a water bottle, a cork and some paddle pop sticks. Paige added a bicarb soda bomb to the rocket and then some vinegar and we all stood back and waited for a chemical reaction. It took 5 attempts to get the right quantities and eventually our rocket blasted into the air, about 5 metres high. We all jumped and cheered as we were all so excited to see the rocket blast off.

We discussed terminology such as pressure, combustion, chemical reaction and rocket fuel.

This was such a fun science experiment and everyone has asked if we can do it again tomorrow.....we sure can!!!!

Through this experience, the children are learning many lessons. They are exploring ways to communicate using verbal language, taking turns in conversation, respecting their ideas and opinions and expanding their vocabulary and speaking with confidence. They are building positive approaches and dispositions towards learning and are making links between prior knowledge and real-life experiences and applying this knowledge to new ideas and concepts. This encourages higher-order thinking, problem-solving, reflection and planning, design and engineering. The children are increasing their involvement in learning exploring tools, technologies and communication.

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