• Iris Windsor

Recycle for Sustainability

At Dragonfly's we are committed to sustainability for the future of our environment.

Kindy children choose materials from our recycle station for construction and are thinking about and demonstrating awareness of their impact on the environment and ways to minimize it.

Today, to incorporate children’s learning towards sustainable living is considered an essential element of early childhood learning.

Early childhood educators have the opportunity to play an active and significant role in assisting young children and families to understand sustainability issues, concepts, and practices.

At Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach, our dedicated educators make every effort to embed sustainability in all daily routines and practices. They encourage discussion in which the educator and child can have engaged conversations to promote learning.

Our dedicated Educators at Dragonfly's Early Learning have set up a recycling experience for children, sorting items for the recycling area, the rubbish bin and, not forgetting the worm farm bucket.

To learn more about us at Dragonfly's Early Learning, please go to:


OR Call us on 07 5471 6500 to arrange a tour through our beautiful centre.


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