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Practising Sustainability

Reusing Paper In early childhood education, we, at Dragonfly's Early Learning, believe that it is important to create awareness about sustainability and to educate the children about it's impact on the environment. The Educators work at incorporating environmental education into the children's daily routines and practices. Through this, the children are encouraged and are able to grow an appreciation for their natural environment, providing a platform for ongoing and new learning.

Reduce, reuse and recycle are three easy ways to cut down on our waste. Educators promote these concepts through play and the children are then able to incorporate their new knowledge into their everyday lives

Using our paper pulp from Friday to press our paper and dry it out. We have used a whole bin of paper to repurpose it and  make more paper for handmade cards. 

Children become very excited about something so simple as being useful

Given the task of saving newspapers and paper scraps, children attending a child care service will love to be involved.

Discussions on how paper can be recycled to make new products and how this is then helping to save our trees and keep our air clean can then follow

This week, the children used a whole bin of paper left over from earlier activities,to make new products. They watered the saved paper scraps then pressed the paper out.

The paper was repurposed to make more paper for handmade cards. 

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