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Our Community: The Post Office

At Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach, we have pre-planned activities aimed at introducing our little Dragonflies to activities that happen in their community, the first of which is the Post Office

Preschoolers discover more about their world through hands on experiences and can learn about our community helpers by exploring what these people do. Mailing activities introduces the children to the Post Office and the activities carried out by the Post Office. This introduction covers many skills necessary for their development as well as giving them an understanding about this very important community organisation.

Last week the Kindy Crocs built their own post box and learnt about the process of posting a letter, how it is collected, and how it is delivered to an address before it is received.

In doing this, they were introduced to pre-writing skills by writing a letter to their parents and friends about Kindy before writing the name and address of someone they love on an envelope then attaching a stamp ready for postage

These little Crocs worked together happily to create this interesting play space and practice their writing skills. They learnt about occupations connected to the Post Office like Post Office employees, letter carriers and delivery employees, all of whom play a very important part in the Australia Post Community system

What a beautiful post box

We all work together

Lets post this letter

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