• Iris Windsor

Pizza!!! From Garden to Plate

At Dragonfly's early Learning at Coolum Beach, we have long been promoting and singing the praises of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme. We love it and so do the children

This week the children harvested herbs and took them into the kitchen to learn all about them and then to cook with them. The children collected spinach, parsley, chives, and basil, all right from their very own garden. They made their very own pizza dough and used their produce to make the pizzas

The day was Pyjama Day, a day celebrated every year at Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach. It is a National Day that aims to raise awareness for the Pyjama Foundation's "Love of Learning Programme" which empowers children in care to reach their full potential.

Making Pizzas was an opportunity for the children to see the creations of others and they were all anxious to taste them. This was a great opportunity to encourage the children to try new foods. It is always so much more delicious when you have grown the vegetables yourself!!!!

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