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Painting in the Early Years.

And....you thought that they were just splashing a bit of coloured paint around!

This is an integral part of their learning in the early years and here's how!!

Painting can help your children communicate their emotions or feelings. Through the use of different colors, they can express themselves without the use of words.

Painting allows children an educational opportunity that is also fun and exciting.

Painting aids children to acquire hand-eye coordination, an important skill in their age. This is developed while they learn to paint the parts that they see; making sure their hand movement is at par with their vision.

Painting aids your child to develop mobility skills. While their hand muscles are being used, this allows them scope to develop both mentally and physically.

Painting helps children acquire skills to focus on trivial details. Painting on a canvas or a piece of paper requires varied painting skills.

Painting can be a great podium for children to progress and discover their creativity. They learn about various color mixtures and how they go together. They learn the colours that they like to use, promoting individuality.

Painting can help children learn sizes, shapes, patterns, and designs. These are all critical aspects of their curriculum during the pre-school years.

Painting helps children develop their decision-making skills. They need to plan ahead as they choose which colours should be used for different parts of the painting.

Painting can play the role of therapy for a child who might be feeling different emotions; whether these feelings are subtle or extreme in nature

In addition to communication, painting can help children feel better about things that they may have bottled up inside.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is the fact that painting provides a great platform to bond and spend valuable time with their peers.

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