• Iris Windsor

Our Littlest Gardeners

At Dragonfly's Early Learning at Coolum Beach, we spend quality time with our children in the gardens

This is a time when our little ones get to spend time with their Educators and their Assistants in small groups, learning about their environment.

Even at such an early age, the children learn that without water, the plants die

They watch with interest as the seeds that they have planted and watered, sprout, and begin to grow.

So life in the garden begins under watchful little eyes

As time progresses, the children see what they have planted in their gardens is harvested and turned into food that they prepare and eat along with their Kindy friends. Eating with their peers and watching what their Kindy friends eat, plays a big part in learning about good food habits.

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Programme is highly regarded at Dragonfly's Early Learning. Garden to plate provides an early opportunity to teach our little ones about the food they eat.

They love getting out into the open air and into the gardens.....especially if they can get those little fingers into the dirt. What fun they all have!!!


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